Tears Of Tragedy

Poem By Nicholas Oifoh

On the beginning of that September day
Our flag was wailing in the wind
As we were to celebrate another day of our freedom
Many lives were going to change forever
In the most despicable, vile way
Invaders came from the Middle East
And offered to die to carry on a mission so radical
Planes with terrorists’ came to the Twin Towers
As people looked on from their televisions
Pure shock was shown of their faces
As the Twin Towers collapsed
Screams of devastation could be heard
As firefighters risked their lives to save others
Love ones were lost and some of them perished
They were our friends and family, and now they were gone
Tears dripped down the faces of many people
As we mourned together
We were able to deal with this great loss
But as we are all are of diverse ethnic groups
We held our hands up together
And prayed
As we have been united since this horrible time
There are still many pieces to put together
This was the day our heroes were born
All the firefighters and the people in the armed forces who defend freedom everyday
To you the terrorists we’re just a country you despise
But when you decided to attack us it wasn’t smart
Your mission did not succeed
What you tried to take from us is still in our grasp
The freedom that each American has worked earn
As our captain communicated with us
He was trying to destroy our apprehensiveness
Evidently we were trying not to burst into tears
Many people remember that day as September 11th
But I remember that day as Tears of Tragedy
For United we Stand Divided we fall
Many of us are still grieving or still angry
But what occurred that September day could never be changed

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