(tears Of) Woman

God says
I strengthen the woman's
shoulders to take care of her children,
I strengthen her womb to save
the human seed,
I gave her a great spirit to
keep on fighting, while others
can not do it anymore,
I gave her the instinct to love,
though betrayed and hurt by a loved one,
I soften her heart to give a
sense of security to who is close to her,
Really, I created women as the
most powerful and special creatures
When one day she cries, I bless
her tears to wash her wound,
giving her new strengh to smile again

by Sari Mavi

Comments (24)

A fine and lofty verse written with clarity of thought and mind. A poignant work of art. Thanks for sharing, Sari.
Last Part: Truly gorgeous poem that touches all women's heart, soul and spirit. Even GOD is looking at you, who created this wonderous poem and He is looking at us who read this powerful Beauty. And GOD is content, for the creature who He loves (that is YOU) writes such a Masterpiece, A Gem. A 10+++++++++++++++++++++++ G.B.U.
A true Beautiful poem, and so very touching, dear Sari. Amazingly rendered and you created this. I am amazed because you are in the country where I was born and you deserve this Honour. Of course. On the 10th of December 2018 PH chose this poem that YOU wrote as The Member Poem Of The Day (TMPOTD) . CONGRATULATIONS, dear Sari. An excellent narrative poem, touching to the bones, Sari. GBU.
WOW! This is a most beautiful Ode to Woman, such excellent words for a woman. You are truly a tender poetess who I respect because of your way of filling in your poems, so tender and soft as no one I ever read. and I am straightly touched by your words, starting with GOD. I love God very deep.Thank you so much for sharing, Sari.
A powerful write on women. Very uplifting. Beautifully crafted and well executed. Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful offering.
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