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Tears Of Years
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Tears Of Years

As the years do come
And the years will go
And the years keep rushing on by.
Will you have done for me,
What I have done for you
Or will I just sit and cry.
No limit has been set,
From me to you
As the things my soul say I must do.
So the sky is your limit
Money and work will be no obstacle,
For I, truly do love you.

When you look back from years
You will look back with cheers
Reflecting back, to me and my deeds.
You will remember them all
As them always you will recall,
liken the Gardener who plants His seeds.
For again they will grow
With each smile and laugh you show
Everyday and every year of your life.
Then you will look into my eyes,
As though to erase tears I have cried,
Knowing mine weren't nourished, so they died.

Randy L. McClave

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