Teary Eyes

Yesterday, I remember,
We talked happily together,
Then you stopped all just a sudden,
Your eyes turned red, they were swollen.

With eyes wet with tears you talked about your past,
How things went out of hand, how they happened so fast,
You talked about how things could go wrong in just a snap,
How things could end with a storm, or with the crowd’s cheerful clap.

Don’t you know how it breaks my heart to see you cry?
And it ends my life to see tears streaming from your eyes.
It saddens me deeply to see you frown,
Drowns me out of air to when I see you down.

To see you smile, so shall I trade my own joy,
To see you happy, so shall I trade my life at you deploy,
For you’re the one that gives me cheer, makes me happy,
Your presence gives me life, colorful as it can be.

You are not special; you’re one of a kind,
You are not precious; you are just my life,
My love for you, beyond sex, delicadeza, heart-warming words could offer,
More than the ink of this pen, way beyond the phrases on this paper.

Too good to be true, ain’t it?
How these words and creed in my heart could fit.
Yes, I am just a man, but I’m a man who loves you dearly,
Just an ordinary man, a man that needs you deeply.

Please believe this man who loves you beyond reality,
I love you beyond reasons, your past, beyond practicality,
Remember always that, my everyday starts in making you happy,
My life goes on in loving you for eternity.

by Dan Albert Figuracion Cortez

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