(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Technologically Advanced [r]

Long ago my friend Delien was scared when an
IT specialist asked - ‘Where is the mouse? ' and
she wildly cast about for something to chase the
rodent out; the IT specialist watched her aghast -
and today it's clear Delien's cell phone is useless

Technologically-impaired me tried to enable her
to receive phone-calls since it can do everything
from finding lovers to being a radio & surfing the
Internet, yet can't fulfil its basic mission of being
a phone, no ringtone, directing callers to leave

Voice messages, together we couldn't see any
contacts: "I must have deleted everything" she
wailed; I tried to upload numbers as the phone
insisted on asking irrelevant, idiotic questions:
Name, nickname, street name, title, business,

Address, email, star sign - confused I asked my
son's help at home & he asked what kind of cell-
phone it was and I proudly replied [it's not often
I notice the mundane, it was a special moment]
a Cell C - my son's eyebrows went up and up

Doing the fandango, he shook his head as Nici
remarked "It's a tragedy when someone asks
help from the technologically-constrained; Cell
C is the contract, not the make" she haughtily
explained - could this really be their mom -

This other-worldly being - leaving me to further
their vastly superior, technologically-advanced,
rational, elevated, common-sense lives…

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