Poem By J.B. LeBuert

Is technology all it's cracked up to be?
Are we better off because of technology?
Some days I long to see a nation before the key.
What other mammals have ruined the sea?

Does technology really set us free?
Does technology help share the money?
Are we better off because of tv?
Does it really create a better life for you and me?

It seems to concentrate the wealth among a few?
Does it makes us addicts and make us lazy too?
I wonder if technology is such a good thing?
Does it make a more wonderful Spring?

I believe the earth was more pristine before,
We invented the horrible machines of war?
It seems that everything that is made is not good?
I like the things that are made of wood.

Technology seems to make us more lazy?
It boggles my mind and drives me crazy.
Now we can rob banks without a gun.
Now we use tiny machines to have our fun.

Whatever happened to playing outside?
Whatever happened to work for pride?
I think something inside us has died.
Technology's harm cannot be denied.

I yearn for the days that were not so fast.
I yearn for the days that are long past.
We can't go backwards from where we are.
We've advanced so quickly, and raised the bar.

So here we are in twenty eleven.
Are we closer to hell or to heaven?
It's a question we should decide you see,
Before we go much farther with technology.

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