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I do not own an Iphone 6
That does not bother me,
So I will never encounter
The dreaded Error 53.

If you take your precious device
To a repairer with which Apple disagree,
They will render the poor thing dead
With the dreaded Error 53.

Man should be in charge of machines
Control should be with me and you,
But more and more as time goes by
They tell us what to do.

'I am doing some self-checking
My printer has just told me,
I thought I was in charge
But no, that's my old HP.

My laptop has now just joined in
Doing upgrades willy nilly,
But I want to do some work just now
Tough, I'm in charge, now don't be silly.

It really is quite frightening
Where will this all end,
This creeping control of all our lives
Is driving me round the bend!

by Billy Wright

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