Technology And Communications

What’s your mobile number?
I’ll call you later when
Things are not so busy
Now, just where is my pen?
No – let’s think – I’ll send an email
At least by close of play
Or maybe a text message
Is there any other way?
I could send facsimilies
Or faxes as they’re known
Sorry, I’m so busy
I really have to go.

Go where?
Go check my emails
Go where?
Go check my phone
Go where?
Go check my messages
Go where?
I just don’t know.

The magic of technology
Is it doesn’t matter where
The sender and receiver are
Or in their underwear
But we’ve got lost in all of this
Checking for things here and there
What seemed like real time saving
Now makes us pull out our hair
We spend so much time receiving
And retrieving things on screen
When a simple conversation
Could have made clear what we mean.

by David Keig

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