Teddy is my name,
I am soft but worn,
I only have one eye,
And my buttons are falling off.
I belong to Sarah,
I know here inside and out.
But right now she cries.
For she is bruised,
Her daddy beats her,
Her mommy ignores her,
She squeezes me tight now.
Oh i wish i were alive,
So i could hold her tight.
And tell her that it will be alright,
I know she what she feels,
For i know her well,
She now whispers to me,
“teddy i love you please hold my secret”
She now is crying harder.
“daddy hurts me and tells me lies”
Oh this poor soul.
She is too young,
So small for that much pain.
Oh no here comes her monster daddy,
He is drunk, with a knife,
He slices her throat,
She is bleeding everywhere.
He simply laughs and leaves,
She crawls to me bleeding.
She whispers to me now,
“teddy i love you hold me”
She holds me close.
Her breathing gets shallow,
She finally falls to the ground.
I roll out of her grip,
She now lays in her own blood,
I hear the sirens go off.
The police rush in and carry her body away,
Her body is gone,
But her soul is still here with me,
For she sits here beside me and smiles

by nicole samec

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