When You Bid Me Goodbye

In my bed, I lie awake
And still thinking.
What could have been,
If you were still here
With me tonight?

I know it could have been better
Seeing you right in front of me,
Knowing you‘re still alive.

But this is life.
No one stays forever,
May it be fate or
Just a change of heart.

I don’t want to let go, and you felt it.
When you left me, it was hard.
The moment you stopped breathing
I was down on my knees for the first time.

I kept praying, begging God
To make you live again.
But how could I stop you?
When you are in a better place now.

I will never stop believing
That you still think of me tonight.
You’re the type of friend
Who keeps promises in his heart.

In heaven, I trust
You’re still the friend I know.
I know you remember my name,
When I call out on yours.
I know you still smile and laugh
When I crack jokes the wrong way.
And sometimes I smile too when I think of your name.

Someday, when it's my time,
It will be just like before.
That’s the time when we no longer
Have to face goodbyes anymore.
Friends in distance,
and through time, we'll still be.
I love you too, please do believe.
Hear the words I once hid.

by Kathrine Yee Baraquia

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- As Oliver and Jeremy noted (boxes below) , this poem is missing a stanza - Milne is most famous for his two Pooh books about a boy named Christopher Robin after his son, Christopher Robin Milne, and various characters inspired by his son's stuffed animals, most notably the bear named Winnie-the-Pooh. Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed bear, originally named Edward, was renamed Winnie-the-Pooh after a Canadian black bear named Winnie (after Winnipeg) , which was used as a military mascot in World War I, and left to London Zoo during the war. 'The pooh' comes from a swan called 'Pooh'. E. H. Shepard illustrated the original Pooh books, using his own son's teddy, Growler ('a magnificent bear') , as the model. The rest of Christopher Robin Milne's toys, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Tigger, were incorporated into A. A. Milne's stories, two more characters - Rabbit and Owl - were created by Milne's imagination. Christopher Robin Milne's own toys are now under glass in New York where 750,000 people visit them every year. (from Wiki)
oh boy. i would hope a website purporting to be about poetry could at least get the poems right; and more than hope, i expect that someone writing in with a correction - ostensibly restoring a missing stanza - should get THAT right. the interweb... turning brains to jello at a computer near you... probably VERY near YOU. here, then, for those of you who care (writers, and most of the people who read books - heard of them, have you?) , are the outstanding corrections, with the missing verse in full: To grudge me exercise and air.” ... “I mean” (he said) “as fat as I! ” Now Teddy, as was only right, Slept in the ottoman at night, And with him crowded in as well More animals than I can tell; Not only these, but books and things, Such as a kind relation brings– Old tales of “Once upon a time, ” And history retold in rhyme. ... And (think of it!) the man was fat! [should be italicized] ... Nicknamed “The Handsome.” [italicized both times in the next verse] ... He's proud of being short and stout. [proud is italicized]
This poem is missing a stanza. Milne worte another between the third and fourth stanze here. The verse is: Now, Teddy, as is only right, Slept in the ottoman at night, And in there slept with him, as well More animals than I can tell, Not only these, but books and things, Such as a kind relation brings. Sweet tales of 'Once apon a Time', And history re-told in rhyme.