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Teddy Bears And Lions
RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

Teddy Bears And Lions

Poem By Rhonda Davis

Remember that special childhood toy?
Where is it now?
Remember how safely guarded you were from the dark monsters that lived under your bed?
Comfort that was given freely each time tears wet your face.
The it brought when no one else could.
That certain smell, and how it felt deeply snuggled into your arms.
The silent vigil it has kept all these years on all your secrets and dreams.
All the world's security placed upon the shoulders of one very wonderful friend.
An everlasting companion we cast aside.
Left, tucked away in a corner as a childhood fleeted into our memories.
The key to our past.
The gateway to unlock the passageway to the child inside.

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So nostalogic. I had a toy like that. i had it for years and years and lost it. And one magical day I found it again. Enjoyable read.