Good Night My Love

Good night my love
I shall see you in my dreams...

Like the lotus dancing in the presence of the sun.
Like the peacock dancing before his lady love.
Like the lovebirds playing with their little beaks.
Like the priest bowing and adoring
In front of his holy altar.

Good night my love
I shall see you in my dreams.

May your sleep be like the colors of the rainbow
harmonizing together like a beautiful symphony.

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (3)

yeah like once i almost committed suicide but then i remembered the bet I made with my old biology teacher that I could live to age 97 without ever eating a green vegetable. He died about 60 years ago but I know he's somewhere.........waiting and watching............
'The wounds are as deep as... I don’t know, they’re just deep' that line took me out of this already mediocre poem. this is called 'emo' used some nice wording, like 'knife of deciet' that was ok, if a little cliche. all-in-all, it could use some drastic improvement.
very good poem. i really like it a lot. man i wish nevermind....just all i have to say is very good poem