Teenage Angst

Poem By Bad Poetry Contestant

You told me you loved me
Now I can’t even look at you
I’m so lonely and depressed
Walking around in a daze
Our love was precious as a pearl
These tears are like rain
You stabbed me with the knife of deceit
I’m enveloped in a blanket of darkness
The wounds are as deep as... I don’t know, they’re just deep
How could you treat me like this
Maybe suicide is the answer

Wait a minute, there’s someone at the door
They just told me to Shaddap!

Comments about Teenage Angst

yeah like once i almost committed suicide but then i remembered the bet I made with my old biology teacher that I could live to age 97 without ever eating a green vegetable. He died about 60 years ago but I know he's somewhere.........waiting and watching............
'The wounds are as deep as... I don’t know, they’re just deep' that line took me out of this already mediocre poem. this is called 'emo' poetry...you used some nice wording, like 'knife of deciet' that was ok, if a little cliche. all-in-all, it could use some drastic improvement.
very good poem. i really like it a lot. man i wish nevermind....just all i have to say is very good poem

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