Teenage Blues

I was a cool dude teenage,
Whose worst rival was bondage,
I badly hated people stopping me,
And always wanted to be free,
I loved ‘Speed-Weed & Rock ‘n’ Roll,
Lot’s of Fun & Life out of Control’,

I loved my mom but didn’t like when she stopped me,
In doing anything I happily did with glee,
I always shouted and argued,
And didn’t even care if I was rude,
I always said, “Hey mom try and understand,
Why do you have to handle my life in your hands?
“Because I’m your mom”, she always replied,
With watery eyes I always moaned, groaned & cried.

We fought on the clothes I was ought to wear,
And my fattening diet about which I never used to care,
We argued on my messy room & things which I never stored,
Gradually with time I was really bored,
With all the ‘Ifs & Buts & Don’ts,
No’s & Why’s & Won’ts’,
The only thing I felt missing in my life was freedom,
Without which I thought my life was full of boredom,

I very badly wanted to be free,
And then one day I was what I wanted to be,
Because I had to shift away,
To a hostel where I could peacefully stay,
With no more quarrels, arguments & taunts,
I could live my life the way I want,
With ‘Speed Weed & Rock ‘n’ Roll,
Lot’s of fun & life out of control’,

Like a free bird I had fun for few days,
Then I started missing my old ways,
I missed our quarrels, arguments & taunts,
And could not understand what exactly did I want,
Then I realized freedom is like an open cage,
Incomplete without restrictions and bondage,
Whatever my mom said was for my own good,
This I realized and dumb-foundedly I understood,
That without her my life was a mess,
After that what did I do can you guess?
I ran to my room and picked up the phone,
Desperate to hear her sweet and squeaky tone.

After that I don’t think I’ll have to explain more,
My life became normal and I seriously swore,
That I’ll never quarrel with mom again,
And listen to whatever she says without giving her
anymore pain,
So people, this was my life story,
From which I took a lot of time for recovery,
Dear teenagers don’t act like donkeys,
And do whatever your mom says just like monkeys.

by Srishti Mohapatra

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Comments (3)

Srishti I enjoyed reading yo poem, keep writing
a great poem... teenagers beware....
A fine advice to the teenagers. A break is necessary for any vehicle for our own good. Without break what will happen?