Teenage Boys Walk Like Drunk Monkeys

My dad used to say
Back in my distant day,
When we were teenagers
We were being trained to kill
Foreign evil strangers.

Nowadays young boys
With all their electronic toys,
Speak like they have no tounge,
Whilst wearing their trousers
Half way down there bum.

Standing on street corners
Flooding the floor with their spit.
Walking like drunk monkeys,
Down streets half lit.

Back in my day, boys became men
Within the blink of an eye.
Ask a boy nowadays to spend
A night in a freezing field,
They would probably cry-
Call there mummy on their mobile phone,
Pleading please 'bitch' come take me home.

by Not Long Left

Comments (5)

And I see this all the time in my line of work, Vincey. But listen you 24-year-old, teenage male culture was like this even when I was that age, and, I daresay, at least a generation before that as well! Anyway, poignant and entertaining writing. And thanks for your comment on 'For This I Ache...' (no, I'm not going to tell you what it means. You work on it like you say you're gonna!) : -) Warm regards and a score of 9 from Gina.
Sorry, but you get a double comment from me on this one - I meant to tell you to go back with your editing pen and correct this work some. There are some misspelled words, etc. that need correction. Scarlett
If I had ever used that word on my mother, I would have worn my head backwards, and then, when my father heard, he would have turned it back around for me the other way! ! ! ! But never fear, there is hope, because there are STILL some great young guys around who respect my gray hair, God Bless Them....Scarlett
Great write, and very relevant to todays youth.
It's a clever piece Vincent with a great take in last lines. Please, though, run it through a spell checker. They are worth their while and will enhance the final product.