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Teenage Dreams - So Hard To Beat
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Teenage Dreams - So Hard To Beat

For John and for those that dream - never let those dreams die, no matter what life is like at that point.

Standing still, body contracting, chatting
About Saturday's 'escapades' - funny
Isn't it? Hilarious that scar, fell
Out of a taxi, into that
Wet, blood-red, cliff-smell.

Time still ticks ever forward
Despite the bell bringing.
Take out my phone, glance;
Four hours, twenty minutes
Until my ending.

I realise that I'm being too congruent
And I realise that I shouldn't
Be pedantic, melancholy, sad.
Yet this maze brings home the sadness
Of my home, I've changed it now
More sad, a heartfelt tone.

Let's perk it up a bit!
It's nearly christmas now,
'Good will', 'Giving' and 'Jesus'
All our friends and relatives -
Do they really want to please us?

And, did that sound sincere?
I hope not really because
For me, it didn't, it couldn't.
Three days left in this hell-house.

If only Jesus could help -
That invisible man all around -
You've tested me time and time again Lord
But forever you're only going to make me bored.

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i like your style-nice work