I have seen a gum-tree,
Scarred by the blaze
Of the pioneer axe,
Mend after long days;
Lip to lip shut
Of the separate bark,
Till the gape of the wound
Was a vanishing mark.

I have seen in the hunt
The pulse of rent flesh;
Seen the fingers of Time
Unite it afresh.
I have heard a man’s cry
As the teeth of the mill
Bit marrow and bone—
To hurt, not to kill.

Oh, strong is the flesh
To cure and defend:
’Tis but the stopt heart
That Time cannot mend.

by Mary Eliza Fullerton

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Comments (4)

Full of metaphors and highly enjoyable poem....thanks for sharing this awesome work...God bless you
Wet bird is a great simile. Thank you very much,
Amazing imagery to depict a long-lost love. An old memory coming back to life again. Puts the reader in nostalgic mood too. Just beautiful. A sure 10.
Nimble face is like the petals of rose. Teenage carries many memories of love. Teenage longing is well presented in this amazingly drafted poem. Love brings emotion.10