AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Teenage Romance

She will have sex with someone she hardly knows
He but a boy- man who can only sow
She is the controller most of the time
The compliant one for the act but not part of the vine.

His desire is greater than hers but she will acquiesce
To go from the beginning to the end with a positive yes
He is the fumbler and bumbler if it is his first
Begging and pleading to satisfy his thirst.

She is and through time more likely to be
The sensual part of humanity you see
Her senses are more acute, aware and in charge
Of the person, the event and the place; be it a car or a garage.

To her at the early ages of a teen
Her boy-friend becomes a potential lover in her deam
She is aware of the male anatomy quite well
Knows when to go on and when to tell.

She knows when he is ready and what to do
He is usually afraid and will only touch you
The teenager cannot mentally grasp
What she is about to do may turn into; a lifetime task.

For her, time is the moment of desire and romance
Her world doesn't include the true meaning of chance
As a boy-man he will run when he is told
The girl-woman to be responsible for the gift until she is old.

I am aware that some may not find themselves in this ode
But speaking as a one time boy-man I was never a toad
Said before and it is still said now
The teenage romantic seems to know everything somehow.

Mothers and Fathers and society as a total whole
By their silence articulate the potential bruising of a human soul
Please read my 'Teenage Pregnancy' as it is a sequiel
More enlightening but never equal.

10-07-05 Aho Speaks.

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