Teenbots (Through The Eyes Of Lambs)

Poem By caz 123

The teenbots have landed,
and the war is in play,
BEWARE, i might add,
this could go on all day.

The 'chavs' and the 'emos' all stand parallel
shouting abuse, stirring up hell.

'Waaas tha' in yer 'air youu stoopid fag? '
'An look a' 'is jeans! - You dressed up in drag! ? '

'Tha' hat looks like summat my gran jes' threw up'

'Why the f***k don't you jes' go 'ome.' '' sharrrupp! ! ! '

Then over the tarmac hill, arrived another,
And like a fog horn he cried;


The chavs and the emos they all fell quiet that day
For he had broken the unwritten code and was going to pay.

They ran that offensive maggot straight outta town,
and afterwards they gathered round
the park swings and united with a bottle of vodka and some cans...

what fun life is...

through the eyes of lambs.

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