Teflon Pete

They called him Teflon Pete,
he was the head of state.
He did not know defeat
until it was too late.

He lied to save his hide
and hoarded lots of dough,
took people for a ride
and said it was a show.

For years he had them fooled
until the bubble burst.
And when the tempers cooled
he was no longer first.

He took the people's gold
and hired spin physicians.
They packaged and then sold
solutions and decisions.

But, in the end of ends
he could not fool us all.
Deserted by his friends,
we saw him trip and fall.

There was no helping hand
to get him on his feet.
The people of this land
were done with Teflon Pete.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

Entertaining moral tale. Warm regards, G.
Concept flows with sustained imagery. Nice write.