Tehe, You Alright With Me

Garden Keeper and The Other Way associate T.R. in observation....

And behold a taking morning!
Flash! Scratch that glass bashed at the curb
Up the steps...
Past the sun-burnt grass
Here's on the corner!
Aves soaring!
Mourning Dove turned
Elapsed the burgular bars
Mask it! Mask it's beauty! Just mask it!
Na, that's a Sacrament of classic
And it's actually a—
The distractions, lo, looking at that window
Catching supersegmentals
'Auntie really cared for my average but you pretend though.'
'You're acting extra lax with that flask playing that Nintendo. '
'And you're always passing out on your back... until I get home.'
'Wait, tick hold! '...'You ain't this bold! '
'Remember who's house this is busta'
'Talking 'bout dreams... it's all in your genes! '
'You ain't amounting to nothing! '
'So someone told you something different so you're holding a commitment, huh? '
'Better spirit could be found in a dumpster.'
So on to storming out
He slams the door... without a mumble
'Cause that quarrel like we had before us
Downright normal
Passing malice back and forward
Folks don't peep the conflict
Everyone would 'never leave' but no one keeps the promise
It ain't like you chose the demons and the streets to one with
Ain't nobody home to show a teen just what he needs becoming
Yo, I see you
Ain't the judge of your character
And plus I've had some blunders that are rough in comparison
If shunning equals nothing then to love is imperative
Just trust The Other Way to cover what's in thus narrative!
You see another place
In a dream
As crazy as it seemed
Maybe an escape from upheave
Until you get away
But you have to learn a couple of lessons so I'm chilling out
But you have the right to heed
I believe you're high esteemed
Though they look at the outer and just assume they know you
Write you off as a rouser but really you're a soldier
And the future's unclouded and only you control it
Hold the focus
Because you alright with me

Remember that

Community and youth activist and The Other Way associate C.W. in observation...

What a lovely afternoon!
Oh... sun pulse glows on roasting troposphere
Molten here
Stone froze cold though
So's material vibes
Nearing overballasting motive
Grab a blanc to hold it...
Even still...
Lo, even still...
But that's the way it goes
Few had came and showed but you're willing
And as a trait that's... worth a million
So to stop hating wrong to drop the hatred on the villian
Though it just ain't appealing
'Say, did you fill the ice? '
A hustle more constructive... a youngster who wants to build a life
But just something was bugging
An atmospheric pinching
Then a twisting—
Plus a tugging from within the spirit
The birth of cursed insurgence target you strictly
Since you started going to church and being a part of soup kitchen
I feel you...
I don't always know the right thing to say
But I can promise, with some faith, that something'd change when you pray
And even though you can't explain
It ain't as strange as you think
It's building...
But you're trying to figure out why that is
Flaming darts casing sparks aiming down at your wins
Facts and fiction's getting twisted up
Satan hates to see you living right and getting love
Anything to try to dim your light and keep your mind
Pouring brine...
Slim pickings'd like to see you shine
And living in the front
But you have to think aside from all that
'Cause you can probably thrive and rise if you can minus all crap
Until you finally see another day
I mean The Other Way
In the dream
By the place where all the young ones play
Without the evil shade and hatred from the upper reign
Where they want to see you great instead of trying to mud your name
You can make it...
But understand you have to take it
Mustn't lose the faith
Even if you have some family snaking
Integrity and ambition
Quite a priceless team
I believe your piety incites the highest dreams
The libel means you've finally derived your highest wings
Fly... young dove
Just try
Because you alright with me

Remember that

Small Business Owner and Publisher and The Other Way associate S.S. in observation..

That's a fascinating night!
Click! Mixed old maze
Flipping, skipping, scripting, visions live within
Yo, you were dying to out them
But they didn't fit those days
Still the moon is constant
Bright vivid light
Due to shine within the gloom
The dungeons...
Since before last week
Engravings sprawled across the ceiling shaping morgues
Passed ink...
For brash could be a color
Hoping on the soul to own a hope like those of Emily Dickenson
Note with growth subliminally mentioned in
Focused on what's biblically eminent
Satan's lying...
Just like folk with Jiminy Cricket when
He first arrived
Don't listen to the venin he's mixing in
You were made for greatness
Ain't no space for complacent
Or taking aim away from making change to place on some hatred
I say, your paintings...
As they can name and show the unspoken
As a betoken of the same thing that sewed up the broken
Amazing shapings... I know your points
But you can't let it knock you
Satan trying but don't ever ever let it stop you
'But I'm wholly getting blamed for things that I did not do.'
Soldier, don't explain it, just be patient, stay and wait 'til God move
Stop blotting out yourself for another
To rob the world of your addition shows no care for the others
Even if it's not accepted
Well, if it's not accepted
Ask yourself how you were born and who you'll lot your death with?
With every single thing the Father came the Father left with
Which was nothing since he changed from physical to final dwelling
You had a dream
Exactly as it seemed
Malice had been ravaged and the fragments had been cleaned
There was peace
You're free... The Other Way is letting go
Now you need to breath
And brush derangement from your soul
But it's obvious you're probably doing the best you can
In this mixed up
And twisted business we call a land
So... tehe, you alright with me

Remember that

Dreamer and The Other Way associate O.C. in observation...

Dreaming as perspectives enact a spectacle seen today
After other conversations...
What's for me to say?
Speaking down on other people is the least in frame
In a losing world... I want to finally see some people gain

Climbing higher spiritually
Ideas are permanent
This life is but for the moment though
It's already here...

Project C.H.A.N.G.E. (The Other Way)

by Dexsta Ray

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