Telegram From Dubai

Received a telegram from Dubai
A dreamer in Dubai
With brown eyes round and
Skin the color of a dune in early morn,
And drifts like shrouds in a warm breeze
Heartbroken and scarred
In terse words,
Dubai called out as if I could help
Urgent tense
I took command once,
Peeked and fell through the veils,
By circumstance, no, drawn in,
(they couldn’t see I wasn’t there)
Only to reel to the spice and strains of incense
And now Dubai thinks I can leave
My middle world of visas and uncut grass,
I am not in Tibet or Bucarest
I am late night TV and
Targets on the way and there is no way
(arm pounds table)
I can rescue a Dubai heart
I imagine Dubai is staring out a chilled window
At Dubai and waiting for me to show up.
Sitting tensely on the edge,
Of a couch fuzzed and plaid faded,
Waiting to age.
Old strains nuisance, emerge like an inpatient baby,
While holding, tightly crumpled in my hand
A telegram from Dubai.

by Stuart Welch

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