Telegraph, Telephone, Tel' Ah Woman

Tell me all your secrets. I promise I won't say word.
Technologies are more than modern, don't be afraid to convey me them.
All the truths in your heart. All the codes in your thoughts.
All the data that has forever been concealed.
All the info you have never yet revealed.
Telegraph is now obsolete.
Telephone is not so cheap.
Tel' ah woman is the fastest way to communicate nowadays.
In her ploy to disseminate, she'll never hesitate.
She operates at the speed of light.
Her speed never drops whether day or night.
Tel' ah woman near the park,
Tel' ah woman dawn or dark.
We're all men who like to talk.
Whisper if you're paranoid someone else may overhear you.
Your sister, aunts and mother are also women too.
Tell them what you just heard down the street.
Tell them what you perceived in the office at work.
Speak eloquently so she'll understand.
Don't you ever murmur, or the message won't pass on.
Tell a man not, for his lips are slow.
Tel' ah woman is the way to go.
Have you told a woman all you secrets?
Have you let your emotions explored so loudly that you've let it all out?
Are you so insecure that you had to really let it all out?
Haven't you ever heard of the virus that came upon the lips of a woman?
Why are you so obsessed with the latest technologies?
Tel' ah woman has conveyed more propaganda than Facebook and Twitter combined.
I have for long resigned from using such a hardware.
The after effects of tel' ah woman I fear.
Your life is shipwrecked because you have used tel' ah woman!
Your mind is broken and your heart is sored.
There is only one way to make thing right again.
Tell another woman to heal you from your pain.
Just tel' ah woman!

by devon da poet

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