With telepathy I hope your heart
translates for you the words that I’ll encrypt
in every message while we are apart
so you can read the meaning of the script.
You’ll see the backside of the carpet and
deduce the shapes and colors that are hidden,
by flying fingers of a crafty hand,
and reaches out to yours with what I’ve written.


by gershon hepner

Comments (4)

Lovely thoughtful work: my students are looking at Tyndale's life at the moment, & the poem works well, especially given your historical context. Thank you.
this read gives me a feeling I can't truly express. But it's a good feeling to be certain
Enjoyed, as always, Gershon, Lost in Translation Each word a mystery neither can understand, now we talk in endless circles, no closer to the truth than we were in silence. Sandra 4/26/05
bless your heart G, supplying us with such knowledge.