You are there -
In my reverie but beyond touch
At this moment, after our conversation
Carried by electrons, stripped of the true warmth of your voice
And offering only the vestige of your smile,
The melody of your laughter.
I ask the night what constellation you gaze upon
So I might share its atomies,
A sliver of it's spectrum might act as another conduit
Carrying my ardor at the speed of light -
Too slow.
I yearn to have the arch of your neck below my lips
Knowing that those silent murmurs may just,
Through the alchemy of passion,
Unclothe my hunger,
Revealing who I am and what you are to me,
What even I have been unable to conceive in its entirety.
Oh, to have a way to burrow into your synapses
To open my soul directly to your mind.
Instead, I dial once more,
If only to have that shadow of you here once more.

by Robert J Meyer

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