MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Telephone (Con) Versation

Far away call, Hallo, Hallo,
Bond brother of yester years
Fare thee well?
Captive of pomp and ease,
In idle hope seeking gold
I must leave and very soon,
How come your cheers appalled;
The west is near paradise as the say
In days when men of conscience leave in them,
Ours are stories read in books
Daily hunted by dangers of their laws
There be many wolfs in sheep’s outs
Believe my word:
I long for Africa of dignity
A weary traveler in daily flights of cumbersome laws
My visage is marred and comrades in same in greasely
Countenance of deception
Wishing for a ticket of return
And none could aid their flight of daily unspoken desires
Countryman of yore, by love and truth, I adjure you.
Tell me of Africa, fading memories steal brotherliness
Like a stranger import home again
How be the leaders?
They? these be no leaders but rulers
Hair brained slaves still our lords
The sit tight syndrome a dilemma
And our state still drives men embassy ward
By truth and love renew the fight.
By the truth affright me not
With a hell of ugly devils
There was I born and in it I live far away
More is the pain of a willing banishment
Than the evil lords of afric fools
But tell,
How do men fare?
In hungering looks and leanness
Strength for labors that none employed
In dirty garbs from brow to brow,
Aging frustration from angry youths,
Unpatriotic bastards in uniform sent,
A night life of dreary mortals,
Death centers of ancient health
Unpredictable favors of power generators
The evil of outages and daily heats
The cow sharing professors,
Of quick fixes aspirants,
Paid aspirants of the whitest collar,
Oh pardon me, are you still there?
Hallo, Hallo wearying audience,
Speak on. I mark you.
Mean I to stay you awhile before the break in network?
They too never work so well.
And the Senators?
Our empty heads of no intellectual ranks
To whom honor stands a crime,
And pride clothed serving none.
Dull brains of forged certificates,
Knee crooking knaves,
Alien to parliamentary procedures,
Chairs throwing chairmen,
Slapping fellow comrades in crime
Confused and luscious as locust,
Quirks, presumptuous and arrogant,
Feeding fat on the peoples poverty,
With free phone recharge,
Free meals on all “Bukas”
Evading bills and taxes,
Free medical checks of sickles bodies abroad
Living a lie,
Free mistress of decayed morals
Base men being in honor,
With horns of deafening announcements
Seeking honors from fools like they,
In simple summary,
They too are rogues and rascals imposed on us.
Are the governors worthy men?
As to be disguised in flight for justice,
Or subjects of evil political fathers, our old tyrant
They are cankers
“Yesmanship” of some intelligential
With bullet prove protection for their know crime,
Escapes from motherland, to hide their crimes awhile.
These party throwing governors,
Wasting legal tender for birthdays,
While joblessness steer like monster,
And crime pervades the land.
And some “Rags” they called deputies
These too are matter, having weights,
Occupying only space, save to send wives
And children to merry countries outside afric
Of our collective shame.
With taxes and loots from the nations treasury
For “unborn generation” of their roots.
And The police?
What be their duties?
To protect paid criminals,
With barrels of oppression.
And torture those who dare resist the norms
The dishonored honorable are with you daily,
And never here, save to steal.
Speak no more.
Of what country speak you?
Of the code you dialed.
You ranged my phone caller.

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Pablo Neruda

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