Daughter Of Africa

Open not your body to the public;
For our culture and tradition forbids it,
Cover those things that need to be covered.
Don't walk like a cat and call it Cat-walk,
It is not done here in African land.

Your mother knows that and should have taught
You that before you mingled with those white skins.
Our culture forbids a woman exposing her chest,
Our tradition forbids a woman chewing gum in the
Presence of the elders without regards for them.

When you exposed that body and every eyes behold it, no man will come to price you at your father' house.
You must not put on those fingers like tiger' claws.
Learn to pound yam in the kitchen and bring your husband's heart at home; for an African Daughter is
Known to capture her husband' heart with food.

Plait not your hair with a mermaid's hair,
It is not culture of Africans, we plait with 'Owu'.
Learn to kneel while greeting your father;
For it is the first rule from the heart of Africa.
You must not stay out late at night and don't club;
For Africans are not known with clubbing in motel.

Sell not your virginity to the men out there,
Virginity stands for greatness among African women.
Daughter of Africa, change your view about Africa,
We are not Monkeys but humans with flesh and blood, and wisdom from the gods and our ancestors.

Our women are made to be pure, holy and skillful,
Not a thing made for the dogs and vagabonds.
Don't imitate those that will lead you to your early grave; for the gods watch every act of stupidity in you.
Daughter of Africa, be the mother not the child.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
All Right Reserved 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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