(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Teleprompted Speeches

Teleprompted speeches
Prepared to deliver daily hype,
From those caught up in worshipping
The onslaught of their own dysfunctions!
And explanations are crafted.

Repeating disbelief,
In an accepted way as to not project
Total ignorance of the subject!
And lack of interest!

Direct eye contact is preferred.
There is something about it that can be trusted!
So many are skilled at deception these days.
Watching one's brow furrowed...
Shows more frustration than truth is inside that head!

This hype keeps them up at night,
Hoping an obvious loss of credibility...
Will magically appear through presence and stature.
And all of this preparation is an act to deceive.
That's why they can not find peace in sleep!

The comfort of keeping their delusions scrolled.
Line after line defining times of crimes and corruption.
Hoping such methods will ease the shock that comes...
To those already numbed by marathoned appearances,
Of crooks protecting themselves!
And imaging leadership qualifications in expensive suits!

Duping hoodwinkers have one pursuit in their minds.
And that's to have you find them,
Worthy to represent...
Myths and beliefs that do not exist.

The delusion to keep them as a process
Of a quality of life sustained in total fantasy...
And founded on criminal values,
Will maintain a christian charade.
And if these hypocrisies are attack...
At least the one who is elected,
Has to convince he or she has the experience
To lie brilliantly under pressure!

But the one not prompted to be perceived as packaged...
Should be selected.
His competence and fantasticness overwhelms.
And they are not accustomed to that at all.
In fact that kind of commitment frightens them.
Nothing had they seen like this before.

Someone they can believe in comes.
And they are suspicious.
The others ready to perform their tricks...
Will lie in a minute.
Claiming what is seen on videotaped playbacks,
Has been misunderstood!

And this is what the people misrepresented,
Have been saying all along.
They have been misunderstood!
Teleprompted speeches will never reflect sorrows,
Or the patience they have had to endure...
Observing the costs of these self serving acts!
Written by folks so completely out of touch.
And so far removed from reality.
And so far removed from reality.
And so far removed from reality.
And so far...

It doesn't pay to practice.
There will still be malfunctions.
And no time to memorize which lies to tell!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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