Tell Me

Poem By Rhonda Davis

The day eases in and out so quietly.
Time passes and never a moment goes away
that I do not think about you.
Your ghost and essence are always playing
and singing in the back of my mind.
I hear a song and you immediately are there.
My wanting draws me to you from miles away.
I feel a breeze and I am gone looking for you.
Wondering where are you? What you are doing?
Who are you with?
What are you wearing?
Is it the shirt that drove me crazy one late summer night?
The pale orange one with the cut and tie opening
and bearing the outline of you breast so clearly
I could not keep from looking?
I see you drive by and immediately I want to turn
and follow you just to see that you are doing well.
Do you ever think of me in this way?
I long to run to you and tell of this crazy love for you.
To say this aloud would hurt
too many so I hold this silence that I keep tucked
way down deep to my toes.
A path that crossed a little to late.
Each with different lives similar but never to entwine.
So, I drown in my thoughts, wants and burning desire
to hold you in my arms
and kiss you ever so gently and passionately.
To touch your smooth creamy skin would burn my soul.
All would be lost forever,
in the night with love's fire burning.
A lost traveler in the threads of love and life.
Strands so fragile but yet so intense,
they can sew a broken heart or rip into the soul.
So I wait for you to come to me
and tell that you love me too,
so I can stop this endless dreaming and
come to this moment in time.

Comments about Tell Me

The imagry and structure of this piece is wonderful. Your insight into the vagaries of personal relationships is to be applauded. With much respect Denis Joe
Hi Rhonda darling I keep trying the number but it busy all the time? ? hahahah LOL's just a joke nice X-rated poem have FUN dave xxx

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