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Tell Me

Poem By Krupa ...

Stop thinking about him!
Don’t talk about him!
Stop visiting those places where you used to hang out together!

Delete all his pictures!
Don’t be in touch with his family or friends!
Throw away every gift that he has given you!

Burn all the letters and cards he has sent you!
Don’t listen to songs that remind you of him!
Don’t watch movies that will make you feel blue!

Don’t wear his favorite color!
Don’t wear his favorite perfume!
Take a long vacation and you will forget him!

Don’t cry thinking about him!
Don’t feel sad because he’s gone!
You have many reasons to smile and be happy without him!

This is what the world tells me to do
To forget you
To let you go

But how come no one realizes that
You are living in my heart
And every heart beat calls out for you

Tell me how should I explain everyone,
The only way to let go off you is to
Ask my heart to stop beating forever!

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