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Tell Me About Me.

Tell me all that you know
about me, without leaving
even a grain behind.
I have told you everything
that I believe, I know about me.

And I do believe that whatever
I have left unsaid about me
are about territories in
my mind which even
I am not familiar with.

So do tell me whatever
you know about me
I am eager to know,
I may be a breeze with a
storm lulling inside me.

I wouldn't know that
I would never know that
I may be a deluge
in the garb of a drizzle
waiting to pour down
in torrents upon you.

Tell me all that you know
about me without even
a tinge of hesitance
for I may be
a winter mistaking
myself for a scorching summer.

Let me hear from you
Everything that you learned
about me during our
togetherness and separateness

I believe for sure that you
know things about me
which are beyond my
comprehension and beliefs.
Let me be total, let me be whole
Now I am only partial.

Tell me all that you know
about me, tell everything
I know you know about me.
I implore in my feeble voice
which may turn shrill
if you tell me everything.

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Whatever you know tell me about and share in poem. Wonderful sharing really. Nice job done.