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Tell Me Again
CW (12/10/78 / Brooklyn, New York)

Tell Me Again

Poem By Charmaine Williams

I know you told me once before
But I need to hear it again

Tell me again
About the day you fell in love with me
And how from that moment
You knew I was your wife-to-be

Tell me again
that before we met
You knew I was out there
You were willing to bet

Tell me again
How you wouldn’t give up until you found me
And when you did
You would vow to love me only

Tell me again
About the first time we kissed
How my lips felt like velvet
And you couldn’t believe all that
You had missed

Tell me again
How good I looked in those jeans
And how bad you wanted to get in between.

Tell me again
How you decided to wait
Weeks, months, years what ever it takes

Tell me again
How you wanted to reassure me
That before we became intimate
Your love would never flee

The reason I ask
Is not because I’m insecure
I love hearing your voice
When I’m aching
Your words are the cure

Your words are like hot tea
On a cold winter’s night
There to warm my soul
And take away the fright

So I need to hear you tell me how much you care
Tell me again
That you’ll always be here

And on that blessed night
I do become your wife
We’ll reminisce about
Way back when
And you’ll have another chance
To tell me...

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lovely heart touching. if it is only an imagination then i must have to admire the serinity of ur heart n mind otherwise you arre so befitting with your humour heart. God may bless you.