Tell Me Again

Poem By Terry Biscamp

Tell me again that you love me...
And hold me close to you
Whisper in my ear...
Of a love that is so true.

Take me to that place..
That you promised we would find
Where there will be no heartache
And we'd be together 'til the end of time.

Tell me again how you need me...
How I'm the only one
Remind me how you believe
Our souls will meet again, after our life here is done.

Tell me again how you'll never leave..
How you'd never break my heart
How you fell in love with me..
Right from the start.

Tell me again...
Because I need to know
How our love used to be
Before you said you had to go.

Tell me again...
Why you had to go
How you can say leaving me
Hurts you, more than I know.

Tell me again...
Because I can't seem to understand
If you love me so much
Why let go of my hand?

Help me to see...
That you weren't lying to me
So I can move on with my life
And set your memory free.

Tell me again...
So I may begin to heal
And I'll at least know
Your feelings for me were real.

Tell me, please, tell me..
That what we had was true
To think you only played with my heart..
Hurts even more than losing you.

Comments about Tell Me Again

Don't we all hate being played with. Nicely written. I wrote a poem titled Tell Me Again, so I just had to check yours out. I'm glad I did. Great job, Terry.
Aww, I really liked that very very good. Lylyanna

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