Tell Me It’s A Dream.

By a grove of ash slowly flows a stream,
Following me hauntingly even in dream.
The eddying of water surrounding the stones,
Soothing the aches and pains from out of my bones.
Mine is a wanting for peace, perfect peace,
I find it here in nature’s own sweet masterpiece.
The sounds of rippling waters is music to my ears,
Washing away all of my imaginary fears.
Warmed by the gentle sun shining on my face,
Watching a spider spinning threads of fine gossamer lace.
No loud noise to interrupt my reverie so sweet,
Rendezvous with the past, future perhaps to meet.
Far away the cooing of a turtle dove,
Singing of it’s never ending love.
High in the sky the lark in full song,
I am at peace with the world nothing is wrong.
Join me by the ash grove and that slow moving stream,
Listen to Nature, and then tell me it’s a dream.

by Bernard Shaw

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