Tell Me It's Okay

When you left, a part of me left with you
Only to be replaced with a stronger sense.
A sense of strength and security that no one could give me.
In a way, I'm glad you left me be
I've learned how to care,
That I have love to share,
And that my true friends are still there!

Worried that they would desert me,
I soon saw that they only took up for me.
I don't need you to be happy; I thought i did
I found a side of me that was previously hid
Far away from what everyone saw.
I am a person that needed love
A kind I thought you could give me...
I was dead wrong.

I put up with you for so long, how did I do it?
All the stuff we did together, how'd I make it through it?
Please answer me a single question before I end this...
What was it that drove you away?
My love? My kiss? Or was it the thought of a deep commitment?
Tell me please so I can sleep at night
With the knowledge that everything is all right.

Friday, May 26,2006

I dedicate this to my ex-boyfriend... scumbag... he doesn't deserve someone as good as me if he's going to treat a girl like he did me...(he cheated with my 'best friend')

by Meagan Miller

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that suxs. not the poem the guy. Thats happened to be for to so i feel your pain.
Ouch! A scumbag indeed! Thanks for sharing.