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Tell Me It's Over
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Tell Me It's Over


Please tell me that its over
That your alright once again
It feels like my whole world is crashing down
I feel so helpless cause I can do is sit back &
Watch from afar

Please tell me that this is all a dream &
when I wake up everything will be fine &
You'll be right here beside me tonight

When I turn around my whole world turns upside down
Along with all these tears that I hold in my eyes
You take my hand & you tell me its ok
That everything is fine

All I want is for you to be okay
Cause I hate to see you this way
I can't do anything but wishing that it was me
Instead & asking God why this happened to you

Please tell me that its over & your coming back to me

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God has HIS own answers for everone's questions! Let us accept and lead a normal- happy- life!