Tell Me Not Of Tomorrow Morning

Tell me not what tomorrow holds
Tell me not why I should be scared
Tell me not the many ways you'll miss me
Tell me not of all I will miss in your life
Tell me not of the things I shall miss out on in my own
Tell me not how I'm going to pass
Tell me not of who will watch
Tell me not of the sweet sorrows within the night
Nor of bitterness riding goodbyes trail

Tonight just hold me like nothing is wrong
Tonight just love me
Tonight look me in the eye and lie to me in saying I'm okay
Tonight, just let me do the same for you

Tomorrow morning soon will come
Tomorrow morning this pathetic excuse of a life will be ended
Tomorrow morning I shall pay for angering the wrong people
Tomorrow morning the sun will set on me
Maybe some day you will laugh at the irony of the sunrise being my sunset

by Brittney Wilhoit

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