* Tell Me Quando? Quando? Quando?

When will you allow my humble pile of stone
To embrace you?

by Esra Sloblock Click to read full poem

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The title completely works with this piece... the when, when, when insistence of an eager heart just wouldn't have been as truthfully presented under the heading of 'Tell me when'. Indeed... Quando? Quando? Quando? is more accurately how it sounds, I'd say. I could be utterly off base, but this reads with a bit of angsty tongue in cheek'edness to me. Sort of the 'everyone is writing loves poems (that reflect this kind of stuff) .... when do I get to (truly) write mine? ? ? ? ' aching question. If I'm not off the mark - I empathize. And if I am... perhaps there was just too-much-me in my read and I apologize. I enjoyed this - and obviously, felt it. Christine
Quando, indeed. There is something universal in the scope of your passion, expressed so poetically in this sublime lyrical piece. Something quite Shakespearean, almost, in your speech. I see this one delivered on bended knee. love, Allie xxxx
...Ez, if you were Welsh I'd say this to you, whale oil be forked you lucky boyo!
Although I'm reading these love poems backwards they still keep on getting better and better, and hotter and hotter....There is like steam coming through the laptop screen.. lots of 'je t'aime' being uttered no doubt... marci :)
This is simply divine. A real romantic treasure. The answer from your lucky recipient could surely only be 'as soon as possible - if not sooner'. :) t xx