..Tell Me Why..

Why do people fight?
Why can’t they just unite?
Why is the world a mess?
Why can’t people confess?
Why are people faultily tough?
When they pretend to be friends but intend to bluff
Why is the world on a string and ready to fire up?
When you know that it’s drinking each step through every sup
Why can’t the world be single flagged?
Instead of its occupation like a being plagued
Why can’t our people assist and be kind?
Why is the call for equality amongst humans hard to find?
When people unite and hinder the fall
People can reside together, in which in every state
There is no country too great
And no nation too small.

by Marria Attar

Comments (4)

Great vision and a wise principles really appreciatable, very good poem thanks for sharing,10++
great thoughts well penned.........if only.....then the world would be a better place
nice write on the matter most discussed today with good reps.keep it up with good wrtie
RIGHT ON! Cool poem! You should send it to the UN!