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Tell Me Why
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Tell Me Why

Why does my heart keep on beating;
If you are no longer here.

Why do my eyes keep on seeing;
If now they are full of tears.

Why do my ears keep on hearing;
If they can't hear your sound.

Why do my lungs keep on breathing;
If you are no longer around.

Why and how do I exist without you
I thought for sure I would lie down and die,
My life has now become meaningless
Now I reminisce, as I write and then I cry;
I never knew how life would be without you
Since that first day into my life you came in,
So, I will say this again, forever I will always love you
But these feelings, I don't know where to send.

Why do the birds keep on singing;
Don't they know that my life has been torn.

Why above me is the sky so happy and blue;
Doesn't it know, that it should be time for a storm.

Why are so many souls still happily in love;
Don't they know that I am all alone.

Why can't they feel that coldness in the wind;
Can't they hear my brain and feel my soul moan.

Randy L. McClave

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