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Tell Me Why

Tell me why you left me
standing there with tears
running down my face.
Tell me why it took so long
for you to put me in my place.
Tell me why you lied to me
and now feel no remorse.
Tell me why and how our
friendship could get so far off course.
Tell me why you thought
the things you did.
Tell me why you broke my heart
two years way too late.
Tell me why you would
finally say nothing but wait
so long to say it.
Tell me why you won’t explain,
tell me why you feel you halve to
put me through all this pain.
Tell me why this is happening,
please tell me what I did.
Tell me why you said all those
awful things you said and
broke your promise the way you did.
Tell me why you would pretend all
this time to be my friend.
Tell me why you never cared,
tell me why if you didn’t, the reasons
that you were always there.
Tell me why the memories of you and I
half to fade away so soon.
Tell me why you won’t talk to me,
tell me why you feel you halve to be so cruel.
Tell me why you never liked me,
tell me why you let me get so attached
before you finally decided to rip my heart in half.
You knew that I loved you because you
were my best friend.
Tell me how could we screw up so bad,
tell me why we let this happen and why our
friendship has to end.
Tell me why I miss you so much
and why I’m so confused.
Tell me why does it hurt so much
to realize I’ve lost you.
Tell me why with me, you won’t
keep in touch.
Tell me why for you, pushing me away
from you just wasn’t enough.
Tell me why I still believe that you were
one of the two best things in my life.
Tell me why I can’t just forget you
or all the memories we have.
Tell me why we can’t work this out,
why we can’t make this friendship last.

by Correina MacRae

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Loved it especially the Tell me hwy you won't talk to me part my ex is like that now. Good poem loved it. Lylyanna