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Tell Me You Love Me One Last Time
(14/4/92 / basildon (england))

Tell Me You Love Me One Last Time

Poem By megan watts

Before i go to my room
Let me hear you love me one last time
I cant tell whether its doom
Or happiness on the other side

To all the people I know
I say my final, last goodbye
Now just before I let go
Im sorry for all the things I'v caused

I'm sorry for the way I've lived my life
So this is my last few breaths of air
I go to the secret stash and pull out a knife
Before I plunge it in, let me say a few more words

When I'm gone promise you wont cry
Now listen clearly it was my choice
It was up to me, I wanted to die
When I'm gone I'll wipe the tears away

I hold my breath and shut my eyes
The knife held to my broken heart
Just one more thing before it time to die
Tell me you love me one last time

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