Tell Me Your Dream Again

Sleeping stifling under eiderdowns
Roaring through dark tunnels speedily,
Twirling in the tight grip of tornado funnels,
Hurtling to hell and falling fast,

Strapped beneath the onrush of a bullcharged train,
Gasping for air as oceans swamp my lungs,
Losing the brakes as down a hill I lunge,
Striving to climb steep steps which reach at last

A castle where the gate is open and the driveway vast,
Where trees and bushes move with claws and fangs
And wolves race howling at my naked heels,
Until I reach the door and danger’s passed

But no I find it locked and no one comes
Although I pound and scream quite soundlessly,
Tossing and turning like a storm trussed tree
Losing my leaves and sense my sails and mast

When on my shoulder comes your earthly hand
Waking me, taking me with you to your world,
I dreamed, you say, about a flowered land
A garden where our love was unsurpassed,

And we lay all the day and deep blue night,
Holding eachother by a vine capped wall,
Loving and watching the star filled silent sky
And now let’s sleep again. But I contrast

Our mirrored dreams, distorted one, the other
Clear as a distant flute, a crystal stream,
Tell me your dream again, I say, and you awake
And tell me and tell me your scroll enfolding dream.


by Linda Hepner

Comments (4)

Gosh, you had me sweating, Lind! Well, thank you for delivering me back with safety and love.: -) Again, I like your emblematic use of rhyme, and the stomping tempo, fitting the action, in the free verse sections. With warmth, Gina.
A lovely poem, Linda. The flow from panic to love is amazing. The craftsmanship is superb. Great use of rhyme without being heavy-handed. The ending is wondrous and enlightening. Best, Hugh
WOW, and double WOW Lilac! This poem rates to me right up there with Poe or King in the scary feeling of running, running, running and never being able to get away, thinking you have found escape through the door, and then having it snatched away breath stealing! ! Scarlett
This one is powerful, Linda...great imagery that takes our breath away. I loved the ending. Raynette