The Cadaveric Heart

You have laughed
At the obvious

My v.gina
My breasts
My varicose

What would you say
Oh surgical student
When you begin eagerly
Embrace the scalpel
To open me

To dissect my heart

And find it

by Simone Inez Harriman

Comments (4)

Gosh, you had me sweating, Lind! Well, thank you for delivering me back with safety and love.: -) Again, I like your emblematic use of rhyme, and the stomping tempo, fitting the action, in the free verse sections. With warmth, Gina.
A lovely poem, Linda. The flow from panic to love is amazing. The craftsmanship is superb. Great use of rhyme without being heavy-handed. The ending is wondrous and enlightening. Best, Hugh
WOW, and double WOW Lilac! This poem rates to me right up there with Poe or King in the scary feeling of running, running, running and never being able to get away, thinking you have found escape through the door, and then having it snatched away breath stealing! ! Scarlett
This one is powerful, Linda...great imagery that takes our breath away. I loved the ending. Raynette