EYS (6th July 1987 / South Africa)

Tell No One

Tell me why, I dont like Mondays.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me all I ever want is right in your next smile.
Tell me you'll always be here.
Tell no one else.

Perfecter words never screamed through my mind
Until the time I saw you
In a flurry of people, nervous and tense
With paper signs calling their treasures home.
We didn't move, mesmirised
By the simple sight of each others eyes.
I could have stood there forever, thinking how glad I was to have you.
Tell me what you thought then.
Were you angry? Were you sad? Were you triumphantly defiant and proud you weren't me?
The way I came crawling back, I would never see you on your knees.

Tell me why I want to be you, to be with you, to be near you.
Tell me you'll agree.
Tell no one else.

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Comments (3)

Who's it about effie? I'll try not to judge you. A xx
My heart just did one of it's little dances there.
A very elegant piece of poetry and very good content for a poem.