MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Tell The World (2)

I am The Lord my love is real
To life I am the Way
I am the Truth who’s come to heal
If only you’ll obey

If to the world you wish to cleave
If still your heart’s of stone
One day this life you’re bound to leave
In hell to walk alone

Don’t waste the time I’ve given free
Don’t drink from Satan’s cup
Be wise my child, come unto me
In time I’ll lift you up

Not all who come will pass the test
Not all will see my face
But those who try, who give their best
Will never find disgrace

I’m real my child, my promise too
One day you’ll understand
You’ll see what comes with life anew
For those in Jesus’ hand

Think well my child from whence you came
The wicked things you’ve done
Now think of those yet lost in shame
Who need my loving Son

You’ve nothing more to lose my child
Your time is mine to give
Before the last one’s reconciled
Not one of you can live

So now go south, go to the north
Go east and to the west
The truth my child, take swiftly forth
Before you think of rest.

by Michael P. Johnson

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