(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Telling My Story [rev]

The benevolent atmosphere, industrious dedication
of my colleagues and the kindness of our Boss who
lives in his own man-cave which I glimpse from time
to time; he asks what gives meaning to life, & I reply
the mere fact of existence, the triumph of being over
destruction and nothingness, the victory of our being

Free to choose where we go and what we do, playing
and challenges provide fun & our seeking adventure;
watching how people fall about on skate-boards and
jump from roof-tops and drive bicycles over the abyss
and somersault with speedboats and snow-mobiles -
life is more vibrant than ever and internationally the

Gloves are off, people don't hide behind respectable
masks but present as blunt as Trump - the amazing
energy which infuses every day with new intrigues -
life's purpose is JOY, growth happens automatically,
just to BE is our victory - even when we lament the
choices we have made everything can be changed

Every painting can be redone, every concert is the
stepping stone for a new twist in every tale weaving
new perspectives into the myths we still adore, and
though feelings come and go, by meditating on this
I floated downstream feeling the glory of telling my
story as a new discovery of the imagination people

Offer us - and refuge in which to recharge our life…

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