Temple Curtain

What is reality?
For me, it is the hope of your touch,
A silent longing for one gentle kiss
It is to one day see a fire in your eyes
And feel the meadow beneath us.

A scrubbing of sand in my shorts
As I whisper your name with passion,
Whisper the name of my love,
My heart's desire...

No one sees you quite the way I do,
Burns so deeply,
Held to my adoration's molten core,
Then to be drowned in that ocean
Of your smile's bliss like the drop
Of love's metal in the blacksmith's bucket.

I would cross the bridge
To find your heart,
Without that bridge I will swim,
Yet I find my fondest aches
To know your soul are but my sweetest prayer

So I float.

Set your sails, young Asole!
Go deep into your love,
Excavate your core
And find me there.

I want to taste the love of Truth.
I want to feel my love for you alive,
I want to wake from lonesome dreams
And wildest wishes to find you there.

Love is the squeezed juice
When the heart no longer selfishly
Sees its reflection-
The world slips away
From behind and before you
And only the spirit and power of your affections


by Tsani Jones

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