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Temple Sexes-Cauchy3
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Temple Sexes-Cauchy3

Temple sexes….
Define the senses of beauty charms.
Markets trades are standard masses.
Temples have joss sticks in joys.
Comic all relief are jobs.

Showing off wells are French spells.
Nuns endear the monks to sell.
Nuns will bring a round to monks.
Feathers sweet is sure a crown.

Busy surfs are all to be.
Crests with ebbs are drawn with dogs.
Sees the cracks are temple sexes.
Nuns are dogs and monks are gods.

Senses the ways are healing nurses.
Books and checks are only used.
Local spheres have towns on cherry.
Joyous loves beseech berry.

Feel the fresh enjoyed the nuns.
Real is festive joys in turns.
Nuns are Monks are circle sums.
All are fanny tennis soon.

Wealth will take off beauty sleeps.
Laws are lions as get to sheep.
Knees are down before wealth.
Jockey all to gods are earths.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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