Temporal Creatures?

Neither in childhood nor as 'wise' adults
do we naturally take to Time
any more than the fey Cheney and Bush *
mince about spouting couplets of rhyme

Reflect upon your average morning
the way you rush about endlessly
just 'knowing' you have thirteen more minutes
but really - oh ___! - you've only three

I'm embarrassed, but I must confess while
searching wildly for undie and shoe
that whenever a deadline is lurking
Time cracks me on the head, shouting 'Boo! '

We were made for thrilling adventures, not
playing stare-down 'gainst Old FatherTime:
in the lusty Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve busied 'making time'


* Substitute any other known duo, such as peas and carrots (or two unrelated items) , for Cheney and Bush. Drop a note here to share your ideas. Esther: ]


by Esther Leclerc

Comments (8)

Esther, My answer is ' Yes'! Substitute Cheney and Bush , with whatever you like!
Esther, you explore a plethora of interesting time-related issues here. I like important deadline, not trivial. They excite me as well as terrifying me. But I also relish timelessness. Not aimlessly 'hanging out' but blissing out listening to Bach or 'wasting time' on this mad site. And your last stanza Ahhhhh! That I like! love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can write to a plan And make it all scan But while the critics whinge and fester I'll just enjoy a poem from Esther. Hugs Anna xxx
I abhor all Temporal creature double features. The face, the hands, that stressful tic, the demands to live and give a damn. And always by the commercial break, my time is up and I have to wake. - chuck, giving you a nine this time.
ya smash your clock, nice poem Esther dave xxx
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