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Falling in love
Is assuring yourself pain.
In the end, you're all alone,
All over again.
Love is never lost
Because it was never gained,
It's only being shaped and molded
To feel like something 'real'
But real love is abstract.
And could never be defined
By any spoken words,
Only the words that are exchanged
When the room is completely silent.
The feeling of walking on a cloud
And living in a dream
Is only temporary,
Because everyone knows that nothing lasts forever.

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Awww, Alyson I love this. your writing is very good. I love you!
Wow that was pretty good. I kinda related with parts of that poem. nice job
That was Deep. That was all that I was going to write but it saying that it has to be at least 20 words. What do you know I go it
Shades of Emily Dickinson I must say very good
I like this poem. It depresses me, but at the same time, there is a great deal of truth to what you're saying. I also like the way you get your point across without overdoing it.
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