Something that is liked by all,
Whether they are small or tall,
Something all unfailingly adore,
Something of which, one does not bore.

Something apart is beauty,
It lacks everything faulty,
A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
It shall displease anyone, never.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,
It causes people to a jaunty,
Something that all admires,
However it is found in the deepest lairs.

Beauty is a very rare thing indeed,
To happiness it does unfailingly lead,
Beauty is what the world does need,
Beauty is what the world does heed.

Something that we rarely see,
Something that we would like to be,
Something truly out-standing,
Happiness does it unfailingly bring.

Beauty is certainly an extremely essential necessity,
Which is present in this world in real scarcity,
Certainly needed a lot in social life in this world,
This great thing cannot even be bought or sold.

Opposite ends mostly meet in this great thing,
The bad have this good almost every time,
To the bad this great thing almost always does sing,
In this world, this is the most heinous crime.

It certainly is the thing most people would ask for,
Many people will ask for more and more,
However, people are misled by this great character,
It certainly makes a person a good actor.

This great character must never mislead all people
It certainly must not the judgement of a person cripple.

by Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

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